Summer is upon us. Finally. I guess. I’m pretty whatever about it because summer is hot. I don’t like hot. So I hide in the shade until the sun is almost gone and then I crawl out of my hole to take some photos and then I go back. Julian dragged me out to Alki Point a few weeks ago and I managed to get some surprisingly good photos, considering I don’t ever shoot sunset or landscape.

Dsc 9468
Dsc 9477

I rented an 85/1.4 that weekend to play around with and, man, I love that lens. I know that shooting landscape at 1.4 is not really a thing, but I just love how it renders

Dsc 9593
Dsc 9744
Dsc 9513
Dsc 9976

But I can only hide in the house so long. After a while with no AC, the house starts to heat up and I might as well go outside. The nice thing about PNW beaches is that they’re cold. I mean, normal people probably would consider that a con, but whatever. Normal people are weird. I think it’s great.

Dsc 0358
Dsc 0379

I love going to the beach and getting lost in the fog. Yeah. There’s fog on our beaches. It’s thick, too. Like something out of a mystery story.

Dsc 0407
Dsc 0432

Can’t you just hear it now? ‘The fog thickened as our heroes searched for clues. It was to dense you could barely see 30 feet in any direction. It ate all sound, making it hard to hear each other.’ Yeah! That’s my idea of a good beach experience. That is the correct way to beach.