Moe's Valley Magics


Oh, man! I am excited about this batch of photos.

Alright. Calm down, Greg.

OK. Let’s start at the beginning

Dsc 4676

OK. okokok. So. We went to Utah for Turkey day. Specifically, we went to Moe’s Valley. It’s over there by St. George: you take a left, a left, a right, and go up some scary dirt roads and you’ll see it. It’s the desert patch with the weird dried up river bed. And it’s pretty great. It’s so good that not only did we go back (we were there last turkey day too), but we brought friends along.

Dsc 5158
Mike on Israil

Some of the friends were people and some were not. Before you get all excited about first contact with E.T., i’m going to disappoint you: the non-human friends i’m talking about is my camera gear. I brought my light, is what i’m saying. I know that sounds totally lame, but check this out:

Dsc 4895
Ryan on Device Igniter Right

‘Oh, Whaaaaat!?’, you say. Yeah. That Rock and Ice cover worthy magic right there is what I am TALKING about! That is the business right there.

Dsc 4899
Abby on Device Igniter Right

Anyway, I know that this a ‘photo blog’, or whatever, but you don’t care about shutter speeds and high speed synch much more than I do, so i’ll tell you a tale instead. It is a tale of struggle and shutdown. Partially.

Dsc 4842
Josh on Bazooka Tooth

Alright. So this time around, we were all more excited than ever to be outside and in this valley. Partially because it’s been so gross in Washington; partially because it’s so radical over here, especially with good friends; but mostly because we all had projects we were excited to get on and have been training for.

Dsc 5416
Abby on Israil
Dsc 4988
Teal on Dead Rabbit

It’s hard to walk away without a send; Abby got too tired to top out her project, Teal never got good conditions for hers, and Josh got the stomach flu. (This is the struggle and/or shutdown part). But! It’s also great to have secondary goals that fall in place. Abby sent the classic Huntsman’s Graffiti, Teal did Device Ignitor left, and both Mike and Ryan surprised themselves by sending Israil! I even managed to send Gription. Pretty excited about that.

Dsc 5343
Ryan on Isail

But really, send or no send, that’s not what this is about. This is about photos!

Dsc 5390
Mike on Israil Direct
Dsc 5168 2
Abby on Israil

HA! No. It’s not about photos. I don’t know what it’s about. If anything it’s about seeing friends, cheering each other on and trying stuff. That’s what makes a trip worth it for me. And this one had all of those things. And I cannot wait to see where we go next!