Dsc 8526
The calm before the storm.

I mentioned last week that I will be doing a photo shoot for my company. Well, it happened. I think they got some stuff they can use, but more than anything i learned a very valuable lesson: I need to get and learn to use a polarizer. The shoot was supposed to be just people interacting in a somewhat natural manner for my company to use on an ‘about us’ page. It was on the 20somethingth floor, in the evening. We showed up early, scouted the location, picked the rooms we wanted to use, views we wanted for the background and got started around 4 (sunset was around 4:30-5). I had all my lights set up, Puja gave me some shoot through umbrellas I was very excited about, the sky was a beautiful orange glow, i fired and exactly what i feared happened.

Dsc 8527

Oh sweet Jesus, what is that!? Well, that, my friends, is my fancy new umbrella reflecting as much as it possibly can off of the window i was hoping to shoot through. Damn. Fortunately it was still light enough that I could shoot through the window without it lighting up in its entirety, so I was able to fire off a few shots.

Dsc 8552
How much more corporate can we get?

As the light went away, so did my opportunity to get usable photos. The reflection got worse and worse until it became this:

Dsc 8705
The photographer is there too! Isn't that nice?

Fortunately for everyone, there was a windowless location we were able to use, which worked alright and I was able to get some good stuff there, but, man, was that disappointing. I felt like such a jackass. The worst part is that I knew that I needed a polarizer and just didn’t get around to buying one. What it does is it essentially reduces reflections (an actual explanation here). I don’t know just how much it cuts down, but from what I’ve seen, it would have been useful. So, lesson learned, and shoot almost entirely wasted, which is unfortunate. The somewhat good news is that this is an internal shoot, so if they really need more stuff, it is possible to reshoot. Now, whether they will ask me again, is an entirely different question.

Dsc 8798

Exhausted and dehydrated from shooting for 2 hours straight, this is what I saw when I looked down out of the window. I suppose I could have been standing in the cold protesting a thing that I cannot possibly stop, but instead I got to play with lights. So, things aren’t so bad after all.