Streets and pots


Wellp, where do I start? I guess I have 3 things to talk about today: God, Guns, and… er. No. Street photography (yes, again), studio photography of pottery, & contests.

Dsc 8827
All the complimentary colors!

Street photography

I’ve been working pretty hard on trying to find a way to get better at street photos. I think it really comes down to this: I’m not close enough. My shots lack interest because they are either not near the action, or there’s no action happening. I’m shy with the camera. I don’t want to be all up in people’s business. I don’t know how they’re going to react. I assume the worst. But I’m trying to be brave. I read this thing that said that, basically, the moment you feel uncomfortable raising your camera, is probably the very moment you should be shooting. And it’s true. I see things all the time where I wish I had my camera up and i don’t because I’m nervous. So I’ve been trying to get closer.

Dsc 9013


I got my sister Darya some lights for new years so that she can get better photos of her pots. Since then she’s asked me for help, but there’s only so much I can do without having shot any pots myself. So I took some photos of Abby’s pots last week to try and learn something that I can then describe to Darya.

Dsc 8909

With the light setup above, I shot a few different pots, but they all got vetoed by Abby because she didn’t like the glare. I have yet another reason to get a polarizer, but before I spend more money I’m going to try to figure out what makes a good photo of a pot and how to replicate such a thing.

Dsc 8907
Dsc 8939


Up until now, I’ve been dragging my feet with the contests. For one I haven’t been shooting very much, but I’ve also just not been excited about it. However, I committed to entering at least one every month, so I did. I entered 2 contests on View Bug: Leading Lines and Black and White. I also submitted a few climbing photos to Rock and Ice for their Everyman Exposed series and entered into the Mountaineers #OurPNW contest. We’ll see what comes from this.

Dsc 4701

One last thing. I’ve been trying to push my post processing more and more. It’s funny: none of my tools have changed in the past couple years, but just learning how to use them really opens up a world of opportunity. Now photos I thought were throwaways are revived and look totally usable. For example, the photo above is one I took last February, but wasn’t able to get anything out of it at the time. Coming back to it with some better understanding of how to use my tools, I am able to really massage it and pull some magic out of it. It’s very satisfying and makes me really appreciate just how much of a monster my camera really is.