Next week is the final week for me to shoot this month’s Dedpxl assignment, and I’m completely committed to shooting it this month. I have everything set up: I have the lights rented; I have the location scouted; and most importantly I have an idea.

Dsc 1198   dsc 1199

I’ma talk about the idea for the shot after I take the photo, so you just get to wonder for now. What I do wana talk about are the lights I rented. I got me a pair of Profoto B2s which to high speed sync with wireless auto metering (TTL). I’m excited to shoot my project with them of course, but I’m excited to try them out in the studio and outside, should Abby and I go climbing this weekend.

Dsc 1075
art of flight

I don’t have a good way to work in this picture of a pigeon, but I really like, so there it is. Stay tuned for next week!