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OK. So. This drawing thing i was talking about: it’s happening. I don’t know that I thought I’d ever get back into drawing but here we are. The first few days are going by ok. The drawings aren’t the most amazing i’ve ever done, but they’re also not terrible. There’s this one thing that I’ve been meaning to try for a while that I got a chance to finally do. I wanted to do some drawing on photographs. I have a bunch of photos that are missed shots, or just uninteresting piled up from shooting film, so I figured I’d give it a go. I like the result. It’s very playful. I’ll probably do more of these

Dsc 2760


In other news, the weather finally cleared up in the magical Canadia lands, enough for me and Abby to visit the Squamish forest. I really love that place. Not only is it a world class granite bouldering destination, but it’s so beautiful there. The first night we got in, we didn’t climb; we had dinner at the camp site as the sun hid for the night behind the hills. There was no one there, but us and one elderly gentleman who was finishing up his tea (or whiskey; i don’t know) and taking in the views.

Dsc 2623
Enjoying the Squamish sunset

Man. If you’re into bouldering, though, Squamish is a place you should visit. Like, for serial. It’s incredible. I’m sure I’ve waxed poetic before about this place, but I’m gona do it again. The forest is such a deep, saturated green, an almost impossibly green. And in it are boulders. Hundreds upon hundreds of boulders. No. Ok. Just look. Seriously.

Dsc 2700

How does that not blow your mind!? Because that should blow your mind. This is the view from the parking lot:

Dsc 2713

The moral of the story is: go to Squamish. Even if you don’t boulder. Go there. It’s amazing.

3rd thing

Abby’s folks, Abby and I went over to the waterfont to celebrate mother’s day. After some snacks we walked over to the beach to wander around the driftwood and the sand. They were discussing Abby’s graduation ceremony and something else, while I was doing my usual photographing-everything-i-see-at-all-the-settings thing. And at one point I turned around and this is what i saw:

Dsc 2738

It feels like a Norman Rockwell painting. There’s something absurd about it. I love it.