Hole In The Wall snacks

Hole in the Wall is a delightful little BBQ shop on James St., between 2nd and 3rd avenues. One day they saw my camera and asked me if I would like to take some pictures for them. I, of course, agreed and for the price of a few magnificent BBQ sammiches, I delivered them some photos that they wanted to use for their site.

I showed up in the morning and took a few pictures while they were prepping the food (like the one of the seasoning), but the shoot went on well into the lunch rush. The last two photos were taken in the midst of a very hectic hour and by the time the shoot was over I was exhausted and starving.

Dsc 3039
Dsc 3048
Dsc 3061
Dsc 3082
Dsc 3097
Dsc 3184
Dsc 3237
Dsc 3279