Hi, friends! How was your turkey day? Was it a good one? I hope it was. Mine was pretty great. We went to Utah, once again. We spent a little time in Little Cottonwood and 3 days in Moe’s Valley, in the South of Utah.

Little Cottonwood is cold this time of year. We didn’t expect anything to even be dry, but it wasn’t too bad. And the snow made for a lovely backdrop for my photos.

Dsc 8935 1
Abby on the send go of Surfboard [v4]

I love shooting in the snow when it’s overcast. I get a very peaceful and quiet vibe from it. The light is just so very soft and pleasant.

Dsc 8947
Teal working through the opening sequence of Smiley Left Sit [v8]

We only spent one day in the canyon, but it was a god one. Abby and I sent some lines unfinished from the previous trip. Fueled by the sendage and by Teal‘s magic stew we got ready to hit Moe’s Valley. Man, let me tell you: if you ever have to drive from Salt Lake to Saint George (that’s where they keep Moe’s), check the weather. Well, really, you should drive from, like, Vegas, or something because it’s a 300 mile drive and it sucks. But because it’s winter, we got caught in a snow storm in our crappy little rental Chevy sedan. Not a great time. Anyway, where was I? Oh. Yes. Moe’s!

Dsc 9187

Moe’s is a lovely place. It’s fascinating geologically. Just the craziest red sandstone I’ve ever seen. It’s a lot like Vegas rock, actually. The desert is usually not my favorite landscape type, but there’s something about this place. Maybe it’s the mountain looming in the background, maybe it’s the sheer quality of the rock, but man, it’s pretty great.

Dsc 9189 1
Underwhelmed [v6]

The boulder we spent the most time on was a v6 called Israil (weird name, I know). I photographed it from just about every angle possible. I think my favorite shot on it is this one, though

Dsc 9159
Abby working out the moves on Israil [v6]

I really like how clean the background is. It was the last day and we rolled out to the rock pretty early, before the hoards arrived. Abby was working through the last few links on Israil as my flashes were pooping out in the 30 degree cold. Although I had to do a lot of work in post, the flashes did just enough to turn out a pretty great image, I think.

And there it is: Moes. Next up: Vegas over New Years!