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Yeah. Alright alright. So. Ok. Hang on. There’s some radical photos I wana show you guys. There’s the usual 365 stuff i go on about, but never mind that if you’re not into that sort of thing. Scroll down. I got some photos of Josh from the weekend that may or may not blow your mind directly out of your face.

Ok. So weekly images first:

Dsc 5343
Dsc 5350
Dsc 5362

Wait! Hang on. This is kinda cool. You’re not to the good part yet, but I wanna brag to you about by sculpture class. I think I posted some pictures of the hand last week, when it was just starting to come together. Well, now it’s almost done and I think it looks kinda awesome.

Dsc 5391

Not, like in a super braggy, ‘Oh i’m so good at everything’ awesome, but i really dig how this thing is turning out. It actually looks like a hand! And what’s more is: i don’t hate it. At all. In fact I think i’m actually happy with how it’s turning out. I mean there’s still time for me to mess it all up, but so far so good.

Dsc 5392
Another angle. Almost done.

Yeah. Ok. Now you can keep scrolling

Dsc 5402
Dsc 5421
139: I don't play this thing nearly as often as it deserves.

Yay! You made it! Alright. I know i talked big game at the beginning, so hopefully you like these as much as I claimed you will like them. With the mind blowing and all that.

Over the weekend Josh and I went to Leavenworth to do some boulderin. Really what I mean by that is I got shut down and got to watch Josh send some crazy hard lines. But that’s ok because he doesn’t mind me taking pictures and strobin all over the place.

Dsc 5438
Josh trying WAS [v8]

Last week when we went out to Squamish I had 2 umbrellas for my main studio light and for a strobe. That is now my favorite thing. The main strobe is pretty great by itself with the 6‘ umbrella I have, but having an umbrellad fill is next level.

Dsc 5445
140: Josh hiking IS [v7]

I didn’t use this setup for many of the climbs because it’s not always necessary, but when you need just that little bit extra and it needs to match the softness of the key light, it’s just magic.

Dsc 5472
Josh trying the Cotton Pony [v10]
Dsc 5528
Josh trying to link the sit start into Resurrection [v10/11]
Dsc 5587
141: Josh hiking Kelly's Bulge [v8]
Dsc 5635
Josh on the send go of Johnny's Bulge [v9]

Wellp, that’s all I got. Hopefully these blew your mind, but not so much that you won’t come back and read more of my nonsense.

Til next time

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