Sure don’t have any good photos this week either. Hopefully next week i can get it together.

I’ma try doing weekly themes. Next week’s theme is texture. After that will be, like, patterns, or color, or sound, or something. I don’t know. I’ll burn those bridges when I cross them. Anyway, here’s some photos

Dsc 6043
Dsc 6066
Dsc 6154
152: wow. Yeah. That sure is a photo that i took.
Dsc 6156

Saturday we went out to Gold Bar again. We ran into some friends of ours, Mike and Jen. They too were out for a quick morning session before the heat caught up with us. They and I ran up this climb called Green Padded Ass, a fun v6 with a taaaaall, scary scary (but trivially easy) finish. For them that was the warmup and they got on a v8/9 called Ross Bongo. I ended up doing the topout twice because i did it from one move in and had to do it from the start, and i got zapped by the sun on the tall top, so I took photos. They’re not amazing, but definitely better than last week’s fiasco.

Dsc 6208
Mike settin up for the moster move on Ross Bongo [v8]
Dsc 6224
Jen working the opening moves of Ross Bongo [v8]

The reason we went there in the first place was in hopes that Abby can finish off Sobriosity. Not this time but, she’s really close. All the moves are done; she just needs to do them in a row. Just. That thing is burly. But it’ll happen. She’s gona do it.

Dsc 6237
153: Abby eyeing the slopers on Sobriosity [v6] after figuring out all the moves.
Dsc 6281
The hike down.

Let’s see if the weekly themes help me get more interesting photos.