Last week I talked about having weekly themes. This week’s theme is texture. I’m not entirely sure how strict i’m going to be about these, but I think it’s helpful for me to have a specific thing to look for.

Dsc 6285
Dsc 6293
Dsc 6305

Having a goal of finding specific elements makes me look harder and that leads to me sometimes seeing things i would have otherwise overlooked. And for me it’s easier to shoot with a goal in mind rather than “go take some photos”. Because then it’s like, “photos of what? where? what am I doing? there’s nothing interesting here”

Dsc 6322
Dsc 6327
Dsc 6363

I think it’s interestig to look for a specific element, like texture here, and then when I find it try to compose an image in such a way that it’s worth looking at. This isn’t so say that these are some sort of ground breaking Pulitzer-winning photos, but i think they’re pretty okay.

Dsc 6340
Dsc 6370
Dsc 6382
Dsc 6409
Dsc 6442
160: playing around with shooting into a light modifier. I used an umbrella, which barely worked. I think a softbox will work way better.

On sunday, Aaron went out to Leavenworth. He just had a kid a couple months ago so this was his first or second outing. The goal was to just get out, shoot some photos and climb.

Dsc 6469
161: Aaron on Darth Vader [v9/10]

I’ve been experimenting with the video functionality on my camera, and I kinda like it, but i’m not sure I want to pursue it over stills. I think that a video of the send go is of course great, but basically all the other footage is B-rolls at best and more than likely not at all useful. Whereas with stills I can get some radical photos of someone working on a hard project and not send that day.

Dsc 6549
Aaron working through the crux on Full Time Night Woman [v10]

So, really, every try that gets video that isn’t a send is missed opportunity for great stills. That may be a show stopper for me.

Dsc 6586
Aaron on Millennium Traverse [v8]

I’m still trying to figure out how to find the balance between natural and artificial light. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes everything comes out all blown out and over contrasted. I’ll find it. I’ll let you know when I do.

Dsc 6591
Aaron doing his thing.

Next week’s theme is patterns & repetition. So stay tuned. Or don’t. Whatever, really.

Ta ta.