portraits, i guess


I set an ambitious goal this week: portraits. It didn’t go so great.

Dsc 0611

I’m not what one would refer to as a ‘people person’. I’m not good at putting people at ease when taking portraits, so they tend to come out awkward.

Dsc 0623
Dsc 0650

This tends to cause some amount of displeasure from the subject. There should have been nine photos in this post, but two of them were unacceptable.

Dsc 0708
Dsc 0722

Yeah. What you’re seeing aren’t even the worst of the bunch. In retrospect I should have allowed more time for these things. I don’t know of anyone who gets lots of good portraits with the proposition, “Hey, I know we’re leaving in 5 minutes and you’re tired, but can I take your picture really fast?”. That’s how this week went, so the results are unsurprising.

Dsc 0728

I ended up giving up on the idea, because it got too frustrating.

Dsc 0736

I don’t know. I feel like I might be over portraits. It’s just too hard.