flowers it is


Screw it. It’s spring. Spring is flower time. Also: i found my extender tubes. So, flowers all around!

Dsc 1694

And a puppy. I actually saw him twice in two days, but I figured it would be creepy to photograph him more than once.

Dsc 1713
Dsc 1726
69: Someday I will take good photos every day
Dsc 1734

I got these extender tubes when I first got into photography. They’re a cheap way to have a macro lens, but the quality isn’t great. I kinda wrote the extender tubes off, but if you just use the smallest one with an 85/1.8, you get a pretty decent results.

Dsc 1838
Dsc 1964
Dsc 2029
73: I love this watch

Meanwhile, the weather is finally improving, which means that we may finally go climbing on granite soon! Hopefully there should be some climbing photos next week. Stay tuned!